How Fast Can you Bounce Back? Why Even a One-Woman Operation Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan

Blizzards. Tornados. Hurricanes. Floods. Riots and acts of terror. The unexpected can leave small-business owners floundering – often for much longer than necessary. In fact, many businesses forced to short their doors temporarily during such times of crisis never reopen. From dealing with simple hurdles (cell phone dead and power out) to major problems (“I’ve been meaning to start regular computer back-ups…”),  getting prepared can mean the difference between long-term success and failure. And, being able to say you have such a plan goes a long way to showing clients and potential investors of your long-term stability.

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Say No to Networking?

I recently read a Forbes article by a successful businesswoman who proposed that “saying no should be your top resolution in 2013.” A few years ago, Stephanie Chandler was feeling so overwhelmed, she decided to trim her schedule, drastically. The first thing to go: “all those darn networking meetings.” For her, it worked. But it’s not the answer for everyone, especially not for me at this point in my company’s growth.

In my daily tweets (@InfusionStudio1), I share a specific article I find inspiring or thought-provoking in some way. On Monday I picked a FOXBusiness column by Ivan Misneron what he calls the “networking disconnect.” (Simply put, if everyone at a networking event is there to sell themselves, who are the buyers in the room?)
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Think Outside the Starbucks

Sometime last year I heard about a new “fad” with entrepreneurs, specifically in the biotech industry – incubators and accelerators. At the time, I remember thinking, “Wow, what a neat investment idea.” Too bad I didn’t have the capital myself to invest in this little windfall. Turns out more than just scientists are looking for space to test out their theories. Risk-takers from all walks of life who start developing their business ideas in their apartments or at the local Starbucks need room to breathe. Or at least more wall space.
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