3 Reasons You Need a Professional Logo

Numerous printing websites are available that let small-business owners choose from template designs for business cards, car magnets, and other promotional items, and then select accompanying images or font treatments to serve as a sort of business logo. And for many people, this is a great first step in promoting their business. But if you have a solid business plan and marketing strategy in place, you will quickly outgrow such DIY business identities and need something truly unique and professional. 1) A professionally designed logo sets your business above the crowd.
While any aspiring business owner can launch a basic, no-frills website in a matter of hours and have generic business cards delivered next day, only a fraction of small-business owners make the investment in a professionally designed logo – a move that immediately sets such small businesses above the crowd.

2) A professionally designed logo implies stability.
Investing in a professionally designed logo implies that your business is financially stable with a smart marketing and business plan in place. That’s a good first impression to leave potential customers and colleagues with.

3) A professionally designed logo becomes the basis for your other marketing materials.
Whether you outsource your marketing and ad materials or do some of your mailings in house, having a professional logo makes the job so much easier. Is your business identity elegant, retro, modern, rugged, formal, casual? With a logo that represents your unique business in hand, you have the general “look” already nailed down… fonts, colors, graphic images and other design elements.