3 Ways to Market Your Business This Fall

Some of the fall marketing ideas I shared with my networking groups two weeks ago:

1) Back-to-school promos work!
And you’ve still got time in which to get a postcard mailing out to your current customer list. A heating company might do something along the lines of a checklist that reads: “Buy new backpacks. Get haircuts. Arrange car pool. Have heater serviced.” With all items marked off but the last. A day spa could swap that fourth to-do item with “Schedule some mommy time.”

Or, what about a print ad promoting a “The more you spent, the more you’ll save” sale – in which you offer a percentage off your products or services for every dollar spent on school supplies, up to a certain amount (the Infusion Studio team can help you with the details!).

2) Back to school for you, too?
If you haven’t been using social media to drive customers to your website and/or retail location, perhaps it’s time to start. Consulting businesses and local schools around New Hampshire offer training in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more for those who don’t know a tweet from a poke.

3) Sponsor a sports team.
There’s a reason some small-town pizza parlors and gas stations sport walls hung with a decade or more of soccer or baseball team photos. Such community involvement works! Youth sport leagues rarely have enough funds for all their needs – which means coaches and parents remember the local business owners who step up to the plate with sponsorships.

Be more than a passive sponsor though. Find out when your soccer team is playing and show up with a case of sports drinks or some post-game pizzas. And don’t forget coffee for the parents on cold fall mornings!