Should Small Businesses Do Pro Bono Work?

When people ask if their small business should do pro bono work, I say YES! No business, big or small, can afford to give everything away all the time. But the occasional bit of free work offers so many benefits.

People argue that “you get what you pay for” – and that free work tells others that it’s worth very little. I believe it says just the opposite. Providing your work for a deserving charity or non-profit tells the world you’re proud of your work and your success lets you help out. After the sense of pride washes over you for helping out a good cause, you gain from adding something worthwhile to your portfolio. You potentially open your work up to a new audience. And people who give to charities spend money… on for-profit businesses as well. Getting your name in front of them is an excellent way to find new customers.
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We Helped Raise $15,000 at the Holly’s Hope Ski-A-Thon!

Holly's Hope 24-Hour Ski-A-Thon - Photo Courtesy Infusion Studio Creative DesignDespite warmer than usual temps, the 24-Hour Holly’s Hope Ski-A-Thon at Pats Peak was a success! The final tally was more than $15,000 towards the goal of a wheelchair-accessible van for Holly Franz, a New Hampshire teen with Friedreich’s Ataxia, a rare neurodegenerative disorder. (Holly is pictured above with yours truly and Frank Tansey of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Hampshire board of directors.)

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Business Advice from Ansel Adams

There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept. ~ Ansel Adams

I came across this great quote recently – and it reminded me immediately of some of the initial conversations I’ve had with people who eventually became regular clients… and a few who didn’t.
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My 2012 Game Plan!

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. ~ Mark Twain

Did you get through all the names on your Christmas card lists – personal and business? Me neither. But this time, I’m turning that minor failing into a game plan for the New Year! While holiday hellos to your grandparents and Great Aunt Mabel are a must, business acquaintances won’t hold a little lapse against you. So I’m going through my client and colleague list and prioritizing who to call when. That’s right… I didn’t say text, Facebook, or e-mail. I intend to pick up the phone and call!

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