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Design Pick of the Week: Fields of Ambrosia

Design Pick: Fields Of AmbrosiaUsing animal and insect symbols in graphic design is a highly effective way to connect a product or service with nature. We see how effectively this can be done with my current Design Pick of the Week: Fields of Ambrosia. Founder Deborah Jasien has been crafting her all-natural bath and body products in North Conway, New Hampshire since 2001. Continue reading Design Pick of the Week: Fields of Ambrosia

Design Pick of the Week: Rindge Recreation Department

Design Pick: Rindge Recreation DepartmentGovernment entities aren’t usually known for their interesting logos. Which is why the dynamic logo for the Town of Rindge recreation department really stands out!

The designer who created this logo replaced the letter “I” in the town name with a character whose wide open arms reach to the sky. The figure’s simplicity gives a sense of motion, openness, and energy. From a psychological perspective, there’s nothing more relevant than shape. The human brain is hardwired to understand and memorize shapes. It’s the way we learn things. A distinctive shape is remembered long after we have seen it. One viewer may see this image and think “child jumping on playground” while another imagines an adult reaching for a shot on the rec department’s well-maintained tennis courts. It doesn’t matter as long as the idea of physical activity comes to mind. Continue reading Design Pick of the Week: Rindge Recreation Department

Design Pick of the Week: Spa Ambiance

The website for Spa Ambiance in Rye, N.H. announces, “Nature, science, luxury… enhance your life.” What it does not mention is that inspired design can do the same thing – if only for a moment! Watch the logo for Spa Ambiance “fill in” on your screen and you too will be mesmerized. The visual is as soothing as watching waves roll up a beach. Continue reading Design Pick of the Week: Spa Ambiance

9 Places to Use Your Professionally Designed Logo

You’ve invested in a professionally designed logo – it’s time to show it off! Let’s think beyond business cards and website banners:

  1. Pocket folders that include all client paperwork for easy filing and future reference
  2. Company shirts, fleeces, and hats (give your employees some options depending on the weather!)
  3. Magnets (distribute to current and potential customers)
  4. Thank-you notes (then use them!)
  5. Estimate/invoice forms (since this paperwork is going to stay in your client’s files far longer than any promotional handout, stop using generic!)
  6. Flash drives or 3-in-1 mini chargers (hand out to current and potential customers)
  7. Gloves or fingerless hand warmers (good fall/winter freebie for electric/HVAC companies to give to past/regular customers… “Heat off? Power out? Warm up your hands and give us a call!”)
  8. Stickie notes
  9. Lip balm (“Protection and comfort no matter the weather!” for an HVAC company, or “Keep on smiling!” for a real estate business)

How NOT to Design a Postcard

Thanks to today’s software and online options, it’s pretty easy for anyone to design and print postcards on their own. Yet the process can still be filled with pitfalls for those without a graphic design background. Below are some of the most common errors – any of which just screams “amateur hour.” And that’s an especially big problem if you’re promoting your product or service to potential clients who just might happen to have their own in-house designers… or who regularly outsource their marketing materials to a professional design firm! Continue reading How NOT to Design a Postcard

3 Reasons You Need a Professional Logo

Numerous printing websites are available that let small-business owners choose from template designs for business cards, car magnets, and other promotional items, and then select accompanying images or font treatments to serve as a sort of business logo. And for many people, this is a great first step in promoting their business. But if you have a solid business plan and marketing strategy in place, you will quickly outgrow such DIY business identities and need something truly unique and professional. Continue reading 3 Reasons You Need a Professional Logo

Design Pick of the Week: Monadnock Pediatric Dentistry

Monadnock Pediatric Dentistry business sign

A colleague down in the Monadnock Region captured this cute business sign on her camera phone recently. For every parent whose child imagines the dentist being like those crazy scenes in Finding Nemo, this sign suggests that Monadnock Pediatric Dentistry is the calm, kid-oriented environment they are looking for.

First, the moose. What kid doesn’t love a friendly moose? He’s a cartoon, he’s smiling. And, he’s carrying a toothbrush in his antlers. A giant red toothbrush. Just picture the size of the toothpaste tube he’d need to go along with that brush! Exactly the sort of mental image to distract a nervous child.

Continue reading Design Pick of the Week: Monadnock Pediatric Dentistry