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Making Your (Winter Promo) List and Checking It Twice

Taking advantage of the holiday sales season is much easier with a little planning before fall arrives!

1) Plan, don’t pay.
Sure, we’re in the middle of fall-themed promos and the kids are barely back in school. But you’ll get the best deals by having your winter holiday promo materials designed and printed now – without having to pay rush fees for the work or in shipping costs. Continue reading Making Your (Winter Promo) List and Checking It Twice

3 Ways to Market Your Business This Fall

Some of the fall marketing ideas I shared with my networking groups two weeks ago:

1) Back-to-school promos work!
And you’ve still got time in which to get a postcard mailing out to your current customer list. A heating company might do something along the lines of a checklist that reads: “Buy new backpacks. Get haircuts. Arrange car pool. Have heater serviced.” With all items marked off but the last. A day spa could swap that fourth to-do item with “Schedule some mommy time.” Continue reading 3 Ways to Market Your Business This Fall

4 Ideas for Heating Up Your Summer Marketing Efforts

Fireflies and bonfires, farmer’s markets and county fairs – summer is here! Some ideas for heating up your marketing efforts during this great season in the Granite State:

1) Think “back to school” when others aren’t.
A realtor could blog about taking school districts into consideration when looking at New Hampshire homes this summer. A café owner could offer lunch discounts for parents who show a store receipt for back-to-school shopping. So could a nail salon, or a gourmet bakery. A mechanic could offer a “Mom’s taxi” special. Come up with something clever now and you won’t have to rush to get your postcards and banners in by August when school preparations begin in earnest. Continue reading 4 Ideas for Heating Up Your Summer Marketing Efforts

3 Must-Dos for a Successful Small-Business Event

With advance planning, you can host a successful event no matter the size of your business. Here are the basics:

1) Define your audience.
We can’t design a print ad or a brochure or a website for a client who has never formally identified the business’s ideal customer. (Although the Infusion Studio team can help you with that definition!) Nor should you plan any business event – even the fun summer kinds we mentioned in a previous post – without defining who you want to attend. This information will direct everything else about the event: from budget and timing to whether you want a printed banner (less spontaneous, more business-like)  in front of your building or dozens of colorful balloons (which scream “stop here for fun” to passing cars). Continue reading 3 Must-Dos for a Successful Small-Business Event

Market Yourself… as Being Prepared for Anything

From blizzards, tornados, hurricanes, and floods to riots and acts of terror, the unexpected can leave small-business owners floundering – often for much longer than necessary. In fact, many businesses forced to short their doors temporarily during such times of crisis never reopen. From dealing with simple hurdles (cell phone dead and power out) to major problems (“I’ve been meaning to start regular computer back-ups…”), getting prepared can mean the difference between long-term success and failure. Continue reading Market Yourself… as Being Prepared for Anything

5 Tips for Tackling Cold Calls

You don’t know the answer until you ask, as the saying goes. But that doesn’t make the idea of cold calling potential clients any less dread-inspiring for most of us. A few tips to get you on track….

1) Face that worst-case scenario!

So, someone hangs up on you or says something not so nice. That’s not nearly as embarrassing as walking into a big presentation in mismatched shoes… or getting pulled over for speeding the one time you wear your pajamas to drop the kids at school… or strolling around with toilet paper stuck to your shoe all day, is it?? Face the fear – and jump in! Continue reading 5 Tips for Tackling Cold Calls

Spring Clean Your Business in 5 Satisfying Steps!

Spring is in the air – but if spring cleaning your garage or closets doesn’t have you too excited, check out my easy suggestions for spring cleaning your business.

1) Deep clean that e-mail in-box!

For the next week, turn off the phone and turn on some music for the last 10-15 minutes of each work day and start sorting, filing, and deleting. The feeling of accomplishment after just the first session will encourage you to come back for more. Continue reading Spring Clean Your Business in 5 Satisfying Steps!

3 Ideas for Maintaining a Stress-Free Work Environment

Stress management is all about setting limits! Let’s talk about a few easily implemented ways to set some limits and prevent your work from intruding into your personal life and space.

1) Don’t mix home and office spaces.

Whether you run a home-based business or are a small-business owner who conducts much of your work at home, you must define a dedicated at-home office space to maintain your sanity and productivity. If an extra bedroom is not available for office conversion, a well-organized desk in a quiet corner is fine. No family computer, no kid’s homework, no store coupons or magazines. Just your work – so you can sit down and do it when it needs to be done, then shut the door, literally or figuratively, on it all and enjoy your time with family and friends. Continue reading 3 Ideas for Maintaining a Stress-Free Work Environment

Small-Business Resolutions for the New Year… That You Really Can Keep

1) I resolve to… organize just one thing.

Maybe it’s the cluttered top of your desk. Maybe it’s the list of items your marketing person has been waiting for. Maybe it’s a box overflowing with six months’ of receipts. Resolving to “get organized this year” is one of those resolutions it’s impossible to keep. Pick one chore that’s been hanging over you, schedule time for it – and reward yourself when it’s complete.

2) I resolve to… pick up the phone more often.

In a business environment where seemingly everyone communicates via e-mail and social media, the person who resorts to an old-fashioned phone call stands out. Whether you want to thank a few recent clients for their business or catch up with a former associate, be personal about it by letting them hear your voice.

3) I resolve to… stop wearing every hat in the office.

We all know the feeling. Small-business owners have their sales hats, their administrative and accounting hats, their marketing hats, and their who’s-going-to-clean-the-office-but-me janitorial hats (and mop and bucket). Stop trying to do it all – and you’ll see how much more productive you become.

Got a website? Been planning to add a blog for the last 10 months? Find someone to do the writing and IT work for you. (We know a few…) Looking to raise your visibility with targeted marketing? Partner with someone who does that for a living and make it happen. Want to get involved in community events but no one on staff has time to do the footwork? New Hampshire has an entire association of so-called “virtual assistants.” Get one!

4 Ways to Add Some Sizzle to Your Business This Summer

Don’t give in to the lazy days of summer! A few ideas for adding some sizzle to your business:

1) Raise your profile with hot-weather giveaways.
Offer a freebie – ice cream cones, logoed mister bottles – for anyone who comes in your store or office on days the thermometer hits 90. Continue reading 4 Ways to Add Some Sizzle to Your Business This Summer