Design Pick of the Week: Seacoast Social Media

Seacoast Social Media LogoWe’re starting a new feature on my blog… the Design Pick of the Week! I find there’s nothing like seeing someone else’s clever business logo or billboard or ad or some other graphic design element to infuse my own creativity. I hope that by sharing my favorite discoveries, I can inspire other New Hampshire business owners to infuse their own enterprises with a unique look and feel.

So, first up… drum roll please… is the website banner for Seacoast Social Media! I don’t recall how I stumbled on the site for this Portsmouth, N.H.-based social-media training company. But, I immediately bookmarked it just because of this fun, clean, informative graphic.
No doubt what this company does and who they do it for: Seacoast Social Media focuses on businesses in the Granite State’s coastal communities. And they do it with a touch of whimsey!

Here is a fisherman in a boat with his cell phone… and he’s posting. Maybe to customers to let them know about the fresh catch he’ll have available come morning? Who knows! The point is, you don’t need an office to engage in social media promotions for your business. You can do it on the go — and we can teach you how.

Many small-business owners feel completely in the dark about using FaceBook, Twitter, and other social media. Seacoast Social Media promises, literally, to shed light on the subject. The designer’s color choices make me think of coming into the dawn — new light, new beginnings.

Throw in a tagline that is a clever play on New Hampshire’s live free or die motto, and you’ve got a memorable combination for marketing a company.