Design Pick of the Week: The White Apron

The White Apron Logo“Really elegant and mouth-watering” was what one team member said when viewing the home page for this week’s Design Pick. “Yum!” were the words of another. The logo for Dover-based catering company The White Apron is set against a full-screen close-up photo of asparagus on the website – as effective a design treatment as crisp white linen napkins against a rich green damask cloth. I hope you’ll click through to the company’s site to get the full effect when you finish reading my comments about the logo itself….

The White Apron logo is simple, modern, and refined. In all upper case, the words “white apron” are easily read. The scripted letters that make up “the” could almost be part of a sprig of an herb used by owner and executive chef Jay Curcio in the kitchen. Literally underscoring the idea of fresh produce is the graphic designer’s use of the single asparagus as a flourish.

The natural colors chosen for the logo are clean, matching the sense I get that The White Apron offers upscale and elegant services.
The business name makes it easy to associate this logo with the food industry. “White apron” also brings to mind “white-tie affair” – again that image of  white tablecloths, refined cooking techniques, and high-quality food.

Using your business name to suggest what your line of business is without actually saying what it is can be difficult to pull off. There’s no motto or text such as “A Catering Company” beneath “White Apron.” But with a word like “apron” that can only refer to cooking, those seeing your logo for the first time know your business centers around preparing delicious food. A skilled graphic designer can add the font and flourish elements I mentioned above to create what is here a truly appetizing logo.