Making Your (Winter Promo) List and Checking It Twice

Taking advantage of the holiday sales season is much easier with a little planning before fall arrives!

1) Plan, don’t pay.
Sure, we’re in the middle of fall-themed promos and the kids are barely back in school. But you’ll get the best deals by having your winter holiday promo materials designed and printed now – without having to pay rush fees for the work or in shipping costs.

2) Get your mailing list in order.
If you’ve been stuffing business cards and address updates in a desk drawer all year, dig them out and get someone on the job of updating your mailing list. Print the labels now and you’ll have one less thing to do during the holiday rush – and the added incentive to use them.

3) Do hand-written customer cards NOW.
We’ve recommended before that business owners send personal notes to their best customers. These can range from thank-you cards to checking-in notes along the lines of: “You ordered X product or we provided Y service this past year. Now that you’ve been using X or Y for some months, I’d like to check in and see if it is working out for you as you expected.”

When most companies send their holiday cards round the office for everyone to sign, a personal note of even a few sentences from you the owner to the customer really stands out. But, it takes time. Marketing firms such as Infusion Studio can have your holiday cards designed and printed now – allowing you to write those special notes a few at a time between now and early December.