Mountain Path Yoga – Doing Good From the Start

Mountain Path Yoga LogoAs I’ve written before, the people I meet are one of the best parts of my job – and one of the most interesting parts can be the often surprising things I learn while working on their projects.

Take Mountain Path Yoga of Thornton, New Hampshire. I few months back I created a new logo, seen here, for owner Azanna Wishart. Shades of green for growth, renewal, the mountains of New Hampshire. A path to a healthier, more whole you. And the rising (setting?) sun. One member of the Infusion Studio team said it looks like a ripe orange half about to drip with wholesome goodness. Images and colors of life.We’re now working on a website for Mountain Path Yoga. As we began putting together the materials for her site, we learned that Azanna recently held a six-week session of yoga from which she donated all the money raised to the Somaly Mam Foundation.

Did you know that human trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar industry? I did not – until checking out Azanna’s chosen cause online. The foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Cambodian survivor Somaly Mam and dedicated to eradicating sex slavery and empowering its survivors.

Among the “deeper impacts” of their work, the foundation cites “a proud network of entrepreneurial female survivors starting businesses and social enterprises.” How awesome is that?!

Back to Mountain Path Yoga. Just yesterday, my daily recommended read on Twitter (@InfusionStudio1) was an Inc. column titled “Doing Good With Your Business – Right From the Start” by Patricia Fletcher. Fledgling business owner Azanna Wishart is a great example of how you don’t have to wait until you’re big to start doing good. Kudos!

Watch for news of her website launch soon. Until then, you can check out Mountain Path Yoga on Facebook.