Should Small Businesses Do Pro Bono Work?

When people ask if their small business should do pro bono work, I say YES! No business, big or small, can afford to give everything away all the time. But the occasional bit of free work offers so many benefits.

People argue that “you get what you pay for” – and that free work tells others that it’s worth very little. I believe it says just the opposite. Providing your work for a deserving charity or non-profit tells the world you’re proud of your work and your success lets you help out. After the sense of pride washes over you for helping out a good cause, you gain from adding something worthwhile to your portfolio. You potentially open your work up to a new audience. And people who give to charities spend money… on for-profit businesses as well. Getting your name in front of them is an excellent way to find new customers.

Sure, there might not be any payment in cash for this effort, but it’s hardly without rewards. Each piece of work has your signature on it, in the form of your logo or company name. Your name tells the world that your good work does more than just make money but also makes a difference. Just like my work with organizations such as the Make-a-Wish Foundation and Holly’s Hope has brought with it so much that I never imagined!

In addition to the pride that comes with helping such a worthy charity, there’s also the great word of mouth and, let’s say, good karma earned from it. Working with the non-profits inspires me to make my business better so I can give even more to charity! It’s a natural high that has benefits to all involved.

So when I’m asked if it’s worth the effort for a small business to work for charities, I say it loud and proud: Of course it is!