Should You Be Blogging?

So now that everyone seems to be blogging, should you follow the crowd? Here’s why… and why not.

1) DO BLOG… if your business frequently has news items to share.
The more often search engines find new content when they check out your website, the more you’ll show up in rankings. And by news, I mean anything your business has been up to. Sell another house? Mention it in a keyword-rich 200-word blog post, highlighting something of interest to readers/potential clients: “This traditional New England home was on the market for months with few nibbles until the owners invested a little into improving their curb appeal…”

2) DO BLOG… if your business lends itself to being an informational resource for your target customer.
Put your expertise to good use. An automotive business could offer a brief opinion on a new car model or feature, or highlight vehicles seen at the previous week’s car show (with photos). The cafe could mention great deals on their favorite cooking items at local markets. The bookstore could suggest a children’s book, an adult fiction, and an adult non-fiction book each week – that’s three brief blog posts right there.

3) DO NOT BLOG… if you are a one-person operation or have no one on your team who can devote a few hours every week or two to the task.
Because it is far worse to have a blog whose most recent post was added months, even years ago, than not to have a blog at all.