Small-Business Resolutions for the New Year… That You Really Can Keep

1) I resolve to… organize just one thing.

Maybe it’s the cluttered top of your desk. Maybe it’s the list of items your marketing person has been waiting for. Maybe it’s a box overflowing with six months’ of receipts. Resolving to “get organized this year” is one of those resolutions it’s impossible to keep. Pick one chore that’s been hanging over you, schedule time for it – and reward yourself when it’s complete.

2) I resolve to… pick up the phone more often.

In a business environment where seemingly everyone communicates via e-mail and social media, the person who resorts to an old-fashioned phone call stands out. Whether you want to thank a few recent clients for their business or catch up with a former associate, be personal about it by letting them hear your voice.

3) I resolve to… stop wearing every hat in the office.

We all know the feeling. Small-business owners have their sales hats, their administrative and accounting hats, their marketing hats, and their who’s-going-to-clean-the-office-but-me janitorial hats (and mop and bucket). Stop trying to do it all – and you’ll see how much more productive you become.

Got a website? Been planning to add a blog for the last 10 months? Find someone to do the writing and IT work for you. (We know a few…) Looking to raise your visibility with targeted marketing? Partner with someone who does that for a living and make it happen. Want to get involved in community events but no one on staff has time to do the footwork? New Hampshire has an entire association of so-called “virtual assistants.” Get one!