Spring Clean Your Business in 5 Satisfying Steps!

Spring is in the air – but if spring cleaning your garage or closets doesn’t have you too excited, check out my easy suggestions for spring cleaning your business.

1) Deep clean that e-mail in-box!

For the next week, turn off the phone and turn on some music for the last 10-15 minutes of each work day and start sorting, filing, and deleting. The feeling of accomplishment after just the first session will encourage you to come back for more.

2) Inspect your business “toolbox.”

When the snow finally disappears and we pull out the garden and yard work tools, what do we often find? Items needing repair or replacement. Spring is a great time to sharpen your business tools, too. Would you or your employees benefit from a little social media training? What about a computer or other technical class? Productive work begins with the proper tools.

3) Organize who’s who.

Are your contractor names and addresses up to date? Or did you or your accountant have to go hunting for information and completed W-9 tax forms earlier this year? Now’s a good time to make sure all those necessary details were filed where they need to be after your taxes were done. You’ll thank yourself next year.

4) Postpone that tax refund celebration!

If your IRS refund has you dreaming of a week’s vacation, consider this: You’ve just given the U.S. government a huge interest-free loan! Adjust your withholdings now and make that extra money for you the rest of this year.

5) Beautify your “entrance”!

Sure, you can plant flowers if you have a brick-and-mortar store or office. But the season of renewal is also a great time to check the other things that are part of your first impression – things like business cards (all info up to date?), your social media profiles, and your website homepage. If you’re tired of looking at the same-old, same-old, you can bet customers and potential customers are, too.