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Design Pick of the Week: Mission Impawsible Dog Training

MissionImpawsible SignThis playful logo for Mission Impawsible Dog Training in Brentwood is super-cute – and very effective at inviting me, as the consumer, to want to take my own dog through the Mission Impawsible training program.

First, the color scheme. Yellow and red are primary colors, clean and crisp. Red has many connotations, and in this case, it makes me think “stop” – as in, heel, sit, stay. The basic commands you want your dog to be able to follow.

Combine the red with white type and yellow stars, and you’ve got a somewhat patriotic feel to the design. The stars are also reminiscent of those gold stars for good work in elementary school. Moreover, they carry a subtle message for the frustrated dog owner driving by: “You may think instilling manners in your pooch is a mission impossible, but let’s shoot for the stars anyway! Come on in, and we’ll give it a try!” Talk about a graphical image that can handle triple duty.
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