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Three Reasons Your Website Needs a Blog

I listed two reasons in last month’s post “Should You Be Blogging?” why you might consider following the crowd and start a blog on your business website – and one very big reason not to get into blogging! (Specifically, if you have no one on your team who can devote a few hours a week to the task.) Provided your business does not fall into that category, here’s are a few more reasons you might want to invest in this form of social media. Continue reading Three Reasons Your Website Needs a Blog

Should You Be Blogging?

So now that everyone seems to be blogging, should you follow the crowd? Here’s why… and why not.

1) DO BLOG… if your business frequently has news items to share.
The more often search engines find new content when they check out your website, the more you’ll show up in rankings. And by news, I mean anything your business has been up to. Sell another house? Mention it in a keyword-rich 200-word blog post, highlighting something of interest to readers/potential clients: “This traditional New England home was on the market for months with few nibbles until the owners invested a little into improving their curb appeal…” Continue reading Should You Be Blogging?

Beyond Facebook: Which Social Media Site Is Best for Your Business?

My take on some of the other social media tools out there that small-business owners might want to take advantage of:

1) Pinterest
The mostly female users of this photo-sharing website create digital bulletin boards of their own images and “repin” and “like” images from other users. If your product or service lends itself to visual presentation – original artwork such as murals, close-ups of nail art at a beauty salon, interior design photos, anything related to weddings – Pinterest could be a useful tool to drive business to your website. If you use an outside company for monthly or quarterly updates to your website, Pinterest lets you keep new examples of your work in front of fans and customers daily. This keeps visibility high on a small-business budget. Continue reading Beyond Facebook: Which Social Media Site Is Best for Your Business?