The Things You Learn on the Job!

Worry Free Restoration Brochure CoverMeeting Tim and Pauline Doucette would give any struggling small-business owner a shot in the arm. The owners of Worry Free Property Management are so good at what they do, and so confident about the future of their business, their energy is infectious. Find your niche, that skill or talent you have better than anyone else in your market – throw yourself into it 110%, and you too can succeed!

Getting to know people like Tim and Pauline is one of the best parts of my job. And one of the most interesting parts is the often surprising things I learn about the world in general while working with such clients.

In this case, the Infusion Studio team was busy the last few weeks putting together trade show materials for Worry Free. We did a table display with vertical banners. We did two brochures, one each for the company’s property-restoration and property-management divisions. And we did a display rack featuring sell sheets on Worry Free’s expertise in handling fire, smoke, water, and mold damage (which will do double duty after the trade show in the informational folders given to new and prospective clients).

It was while assembling these sell sheets that I picked up quite a few “who knew?” tidbits of information:

Did you know soot actually etches itself into the surfaces in your home within hours of a fire? That’s right, soot is so acidic, little is safe from its destructive powers: furniture, appliances and plumbing fixtures, countertops and glass, all are at risk of damage unless the soot is removed immediately and properly.

Did you know smoke uses “secret passageways,” such as the spaces around your pipes, to sneak from one room to another in a home? So smoke from a kitchen fire could still result in damage to personal property elsewhere in the house as it spreads, penetrating every thing porous it comes in contact with (anything cloth, dry goods, carpets).

 This explains why Tim Doucette’s 30 years in construction and homebuilding make him such at expert at tracking the migration of damaging smoke and odors behind the walls after a fire.

Did you know there’s such a thing as an “air scrubber”? That sounds so futuristic, one of our copywriters just had to look it up:  Basically, it’s a fancy industrial version of an air purifier designed to pull all kinds of nasty things from the air we breathe.

Sure, these facts aren’t exactly conversation starters for my next business networking event. But the kids will find them cool!