Three Reasons Your Website Needs a Blog

I listed two reasons in last month’s post “Should You Be Blogging?” why you might consider following the crowd and start a blog on your business website – and one very big reason not to get into blogging! (Specifically, if you have no one on your team who can devote a few hours a week to the task.) Provided your business does not fall into that category, here’s are a few more reasons you might want to invest in this form of social media.

1) Fresh content.
When a potential customer visits your website homepage, he presumably sees helpful information about your products or services. The same helpful information… every… single… time. Even if your blog is not on your homepage, the list of recent posts can be there – which allows visitors (and search engines) to see something new each visit. And that gives the impression your company and your people are on top of things.

2) Blogs don’t need to be “bloggy.”
Blog comes from “web log,” something like an online journal. But blogs have come a long way from the “Here’s where I went yesterday and here’s what I did” style. Some degree of customization is available for all budget levels – if you’re working with a design and web development team that knows how to make a client’s dollar stretch the farthest.

3) The blogging platform puts you in control!
In theory at least. Depending on the blogging platform and your level of comfort going into the “admin” side of your website, a blog allows you to add site content without always going through your web developer. And if posting, or even writing, a blog is not something you are inclined to try or have time for, assistance ranging from research and writing to handling of the posting themselves is available through companies such as Infusion Studio.